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Internet Buyer Beware - Shop Locally for Professional Advice

We all know buying local helps our community. We get swayed by the convenience of online shopping when we can get the same thing without going to a store. After all, a plastic doll made in China will be identical whether sold online or at the local store. But when it comes to professional advice, online may not really be the same as local. In the last few years, the online shopping trend has spilled over into professional advice. For example, if you browse the web for advice on what to do after a car wreck, slick ads with Hollywood-style production pop up. Want someone to deal with the insurance? Just click. Need an evaluation of your case? Submit a form. More and more Montana citizens are getting drawn into these ads and hiring law firms without knowing the attorney or whey they are located....

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What Do I Do After a Wreck?

Every drive brings the risk of a wreck.  What then? First of all, stop, stay where you are, and assess the situation.  Check your own vehicle occupants for injuries and whether there is a risk of further harm, such as a fire, so that you can render aid and take precautions.  In most cases, it is best to leave the vehicles in place. Always call law enforcement (also required by law).  Calling 911 gets medical care and law enforcement on the way fastest.  Leaving is only appropriate in extreme situations, such transporting a badly injured person from a remote scene when waiting for an ambulance is not an option. Also, stay calm. Assaulting another driver (even verbally) gets you in trouble, and stops the exchange of important information.  If others need help,...

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Statutes of Limitations in Montana: Is It Too Late To Sue?

Originally appeared in Signature MT Magazine Vol. 14, Issue 2, 2021 Suffering a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence can result in unexpected and in some cases major expenses, including medical bills and lost wages from missing work. If you intend to take legal action, it’s crucial to pay attention to the statute of limitations (or statute of repose). Once this period of time has passed, there is no way a court can help you right your wrong. Civil statute of limitations in Montana There are two types of statutes of limitations, criminal and civil. Let’s examine civil statutes a bit more in depth. Not only do the rules set an expiration date, but they may also have special stipulations that require administrative action before a case can be filed in court. They can...

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Did your doctor's error constitute malpractice?

Most people realize that medicine is not an exact science and that doctors can, and do, make mistakes. "Routine" operations can wind up being anything but, patients can suffer serious reactions to anesthesia or new medications and treatments can fail to heal life-threatening conditions. While all of the above scenarios are indeed unfortunate, they might not rise to the level of medical malpractice. In the past century, there have been amazing breakthroughs combating some of the world's worst diseases. But medicine is not magic. What distinguishes mistakes from malpractice? The underlying principle of good medical practices is the standard of care. Essentially, this means that in their treatment of patients, physicians must always meet or exceed professional standards of medical practices....

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Accidents and semitrucks: The risk is great

The truckers who help to transport goods around the country have an important role in commerce. For the most part, these truckers are safe drivers who take pride in racking up miles of safety-critical incident-free hauls. Even so, when you are driving around truckers, there is always a chance that something amiss will occur and lead to an accident. If you are involved in an accident with a semitruck, you must report the accident to the authorities. You might also need to seek medical care for any injuries you suffer. Ultimately, you have to find out the cause of the crash. These often fall into one of several categories. Here are some of the most common: Equipment failure When the equipment on a truck isn't functioning properly, there is a chance that the semitruck will crash into...

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